Couple’s CANA Dinner

Steven and I have been asked to share our story of “Second Chances” at a Valentine Couple’s CANA Dinner this upcoming weekend. Preparing for our talk in the midst of school schedules, work schedules, coaching schedules and all around life schedules has provided good material for a real life look into a world of marriage, parenting and the balancing act of a blended family.

One of our strategies is the high point/low point game. At dinner we ask everyone the highlights of their day. Yesterday, Steven shared his low point–an emergency root canal. His highpoint? An emergency root canal completed.

Perspective. How important is our perspective! I’m reminded again and again that life will never be perfect. Root canals, bad days, homework that needs to be done, dishes that need to be washed, bills that need to be paid. Life will also never be entirely awful. Kids doing cart wheels in the living room, a fun greeting card in the mail, a hot bubble bath, planning a family trip, sleeping children.

What is your low point today?
What is your high point?

Life will always ebb and flow. We are each given a second chance daily to try again, make a change, enjoy the scenery and love each other.

For any last minute interest in attending our talk on Saturday, February 11th click here. More than anything we would love a few extra prayers and cheers for our message to make a difference for those who attend.

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