Pura Vida

Our second day we drove to Manuel Antonio, our destination for the week. The three hour drive turned into six hours due to traffic, road construction and one wrong turn. Ahhh, the joys of Latin America. 

Long car rides bring out the best in siblings both biological and step. At one point Maddi concluded, "I wish Jordan was in a different country." Cajsa and Onie found this to be pretty humorous, wondering what country Maddi wanted to ship her brother to. Luckily, he got to stay with us in Costa Rica. 

The first thing the kids wanted to do once we reached our hotel was swim. Jordan announced, "I'm a swimming monkey!" One lady being entertained by our four children who were playing like little ants invading a picnic basket, glanced at me from underneath a large straw hat, stirred her drink and then pointed at Jordan saying, "That one must have taken a silly pill, he hasn't stopped laughing since he got here." Was that a compliment? A mother can only nod and smile.

Well, the sunblock that I forgot to pack cost me $16 a bottle at the local corner grocery store. I guess the "locals" don't have much need for sunblock. I also wanted to purchase the Aloe gel but, decided to save the $18 and use regular lotion instead to soothe our baked bodies. One of the nice things about where we are staying is we can cook our own food. I found an imported favorite–Johnsonville Brats stuffed with Cheddar cheese. Those are a deal at $9.50 per package.

Highlights of our Familymoon: Feeding monkeys bananas from our patio. Ziplining through a canopy of trees 150 feet from the rainforest floor. Jumping in the waves in the ocean. Having people admire our family of six and think it's always been this way. Watching our kids experience a new culture for the first time like when Maddi tried lemonade made from fresh squeezed lemons and said, "This is the best lemonade….it's the best because they have gooder lemons here." Or when Onie's swimsuit was full of sand so she changed into shorts and said, "It's okay for me to wear these shorts swimming….they're waterproof!" 

My favorite thing about beach life are the cotton-candy sunsets. Baby blues and pinks swirl against the glassy-top waters and you can’t quite tell where the ocean stops and the sky begins.

The Costa Ricans have a motto, "Pura Vida" the "Pure Life." It makes me think of a book I've been reading that says, "Simplicity of life, not extremes, fits us better."






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