Quiet New Year

“If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment.” -Henry David Thoreau

What is your New Year resolution? I find it hard sometimes to rally at the start of a new year, to make big promises and pledge big changes when life has headaches that fester, challenges that don’t magically go away and disappointments that honestly drag me down.

I want to be a better mom. I want to find a purpose inside my new blended-family life with the masters degree I spent two years to obtain. I want to get along with my husband’s ex-wife. I want to be more patient, and certainly more understanding.

Henry Thoreau encourages that I need to be quiet. I need to be still. I need to quit trying so hard to make things perfect. I need to prepare, but I don’t need to pretend. Maybe I am not exactly where I want to be. Still, I trust that God will use each situation, each crazy conflict and each encounter for His advantage. Life has hidden rewards and bonus blessings. I pray this new year that I am quiet enough to hear and see and experience what life returns after the disappointments slip away. I have a feeling that life delivers a contentment that only God can anticipate and see and know. Quiet New Year ~ here I am. I welcome you.

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2 Responses to Quiet New Year

  1. Sara says:

    Just Be is my mantra for 2014. To just be is so difficult in this world we live in today. All we can do is try. Wishing you the best this year! A LLPD wife:)

  2. I have recently found your blog and have been reading over several posts. I am so grateful for brave and honorable men like your husband who defend us and make our communities safer. Thank you so much for supporting him in his role as a protector. I have never met him but my heart is full of respect and admiration. As my young son grows up he will always look up to those men and women in uniform. Thanks again for your strong words and honest posts.

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