The More the Merrier

As if four children, a step-guinea pig, a new husband and giving up chocolate for 40 days wasn't enough, there are a couple of new additions to the Silvera-Lindemer family.

Dewey, Steven's cockatiel, moved in with us this month. A faithful friend for over ten years, this bird has been good company to my husband. Steven adopted Dewey from a pet store when the owner couldn't find anyone else interested in Dewey because of a lame foot. Steven wanted Dewey to have a chance.

When we got married, Dewey moved in with Steven's brother and sister-in-law. The idea of inheriting two pets when I was only accustomed to our Beta fish, Blue Nemo, seemed a bit overboard for me.

Then in March, Steven's brother and family left for a trip and Dewey needed a babysitter. One day Steven came home with a large bird cage, bird inside, and told me, "It's just for two weeks." Not wanting to create a fuss as a new bride I thought to myself, one can do anything for two weeks, right?

A few days into Dewey's stay, I came home one afternoon greeted by a whistle, the kind of whistle a guy gives a girl when he thinks she's cute. "Whoo-hoo," Dewey repeated over and over. My head darted, forgetting anyone was home. Realizing it was Dewey, I was first relieved and then flattered that this bird would welcome me to my own home and compliment my looks!

As Dewey became comfortable, I started to hear all his lovely tricks, whistling the tune of Jingle Bells and singing the Twin's cheering song, "Da-da-da-da-da-da….Charge!" He can also imitate my husband's voice and how he answers the phone.

It is tough for me, this non-pet chick, to admit that Dewey is growing on me. He's good company. Stay tuned this Friday for more of the merrier!




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