A Baby Prefers Her Father

According to a study by T.Berry Brazelton, MD; author of Touchpoints: Birth to Three and clinical professor emeritus of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, babies are hypersensitive communicators.  At three days old, infants recognize their mother´s voice and at two weeks, they prefer their father´s face to other men´s.  He encourages to look at babies to their side or over their shoulder as a way to help the child not feel so overwhelmed since they are looking for their parents.  This is his best suggestion to win a baby over!  If a baby is ready to make friends they will attempt to match your gaze, coo or as a toddler they will make funny faces.

This fascinates me with my own children.  Most comforting is knowing that Maddi preferred her dad and recognized him even as a tiny infant when he died.  I knew in my heart their was a connection.  I love to read about this confirmation.

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