A Rope to Heaven

My little boy told me today, "Mommy, I want dad to come down of heaven." 

I answered, "Daddy can not come down from heaven." 

Without stopping he continued, "Can we go up to heaven?" 

"Someday," I said. "Someday we will see dad again in heaven and that will be an amazing day."  Yet, even as I explained this unknown plan I wanted to know why my three year old must be so patient to wait a lifetime to be with his father. 

The questions deepened, "How did dad get up to heaven?  Did God have a rope?" 

I encouraged, "Those are good questions, Jordan.  Maybe God has a rope."

With this possibility Jordan inquired, "Did God pull my daddy up?  Did God use his rope to pull daddy up to heaven?  I think God uses his rope, Mom." 

At this I was completely puzzled.  I do not know how God helps us reach from one side to the next.  Some have told me angels come to guide us.  Many tell of the familiar bright light theory.  I have also heard the idea that the person who dies rides away on a brave and valiant, white horse. 

I hugged my precious son, happy that he feels free to explore his ideas with me.  I may never have any suitable answers for him.  But, I commit each day that he will be free and secure to ask me as many questions as he needs to.   

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