All of Life is Precious

I have been overwhelmed with the tragic and senseless loss in Connecticut last week. My heart is full of grief for all of the families and all those beautiful little children. I pray that Shawn is playing with them today, if that is how heaven works. There is little else that brings my mind comfort. Death fills us with such helplessness. And though I try to hold onto hope, in a situation like what occurred last Friday, it really feels like hope is dim.

A friend sent me a song, Hallelujah, performed on the show The Voice this week. The tribute is breathtaking.

Another friend sent me an article titled, “Dealing With Grief: Five Things NOT to Say and Five Things to Say In a Trauma Involving Children,” by Rev. Emily C. Heath. This is the best written work I have seen on the subject of grief and loss with children and I will be providing a copy on my website as a resource.

All of life is precious. Each and every day. How quickly we forget. How quickly we can be reminded. How important for our hearts to remember and make a commitment to living out the importance of today…now.

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