An Experiment

We needed a field trip.  After an entire day in the house, we ventured out to rent “mommy” (me) a movie for when the kids went to bed.  Feeling ambitious and a bit brave, I decided to try something new – taking the kids to a restaurant by myself.  Taking two children under the age of two out in public alone is definitely a feat.  We went to a small family owned café and asked for a table for three (or 2 ½ ).  The waitress approached our table with a highchair in hand.  I looked at her with apprehensive eyes and declared, “I am trying an experiment.”  She looked quizzical.  I explained, “I am here by myself with my two children and we will see how it goes.”  She gave me a patient nod and said, “I think it looks like things will go just fine.” 

She was right.  Jordan was thrilled to sit in a booth.  Madelynn was fixated on the globe lights that were dimmed above our table.  The big excitement for the evening was Maddi learning to drink from a straw.  We didn’t have too many mishaps, except for when Jordan decided to grab the ice from my non-sweetened iced tea with his round, little hand.  Then half-way through dinner I noticed Jordan had slipped under the table, but for good reason, he had to pick up Maddi’s sock, which she had wiggled off and threw on the floor.  He is very attentive to her. 

Maddi giggled while eating potatoes and chicken and homemade bread.  Jordan licked the whipped honey butter off his bread like ice cream.  And I was enjoying the idea of no kitchen to clean up afterwards.

We left as we came, full of energy and ambition.  It wasn’t until nearly the end of our visit that I realized we sat at the same table Shawn and I had sat at last year when we visited the café for the first time.  By chance?  Maybe.  Comforting?  Yes. 

I enjoyed my company.  My little babies and I make three.  A table for three.  The test went fine, just like the waitress predicted.    

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