Much runs through my mind these days with time to write escaping me in the race.  I wish I could bundle up my eagerness for writing inside the demands of raising toddlers and make something incredible result within both passions.  At the end of the day, I am often dragging in search of sleep; grappling with my impatience to put words on a page, while teetering on an awkward pendulum of dedication knowing I need to rest for my precious babies who need more of me in the morning.

Tonight a luxury is taken.  The best of both worlds.  I had what seemed like unlimited time this evening to read whimsical stories to my children and lavish them with hugs and kisses before they were tucked in for the night.  As they dream of heaven and heavenly things, I have some unexpected energy to prolong my nighttime hours and record my bottled thoughts.

Jordan asked me during prayer time, “Mom, are you an angel?  What do angels say?”  This following the litany of animal sounds we had just finished practicing.  Jordan didn’t wait for me to answer.  That didn’t seem to matter much to him.  The sweet look in his eyes seemed to tell me he already had an opinion.  Instead he instructed, “Mom, angels say ‘Awk, Awk.’”

I see angels among us.  God’s guardianship surrounds my house with protection.  I was talking to my sister-in-law this evening, explaining that I feel like I am still in survival mode.  She validated my exposed heart.  I guess it would make sense that angels live among us.  God has his shield around me.  Protection is provided for those who endure.

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