Are You Sharing?

Rafa, my friend who visited from Honduras, shared an endearing story with me about an encounter he had with my son, Jordan.  For lunch one day Rafa was sitting in my kitchen enjoying a meal from McDonald’s when Jordan pulled up a barstool next to him and started sampling a few French Fries. 

After eating about seven, Jordan looked up with a French Fry in hand and asked Rafa matter-of-factly, “Are you sharing?”

Rafa laughed out loud, “Now I am.” 

One of the hidden mysteries of my healing process is the unbelievable love and generosity people have shared with me since Shawn died.  Even the most severe wound can be soothed by someone who selflessly shares.  Restoration is found in sharing that goes two ways.  I feel my best when I am sharing with others.  Daily I must ask myself, “Are you sharing?”  It is a guaranteed way to be cheered.

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