Be that Kind of Love

Bedtime conversations are tender. Especially the ones that
are whispered after lights are out. These are the ones I’m not supposed to be
listening to. But, can a mother help it? How else would I know what’s really
going on?

“I’m packing my backpack and special things and running away
in the morning,” Jordan told his sister the other night.

“You have to pack my backpack, too,” she said.

“Why? You want to run away too?”

“Ye-ah!” Madelynn replied, with the tone kids use when they
say duh to each other. Duh! Of course!

“Why do you want to run away?” Jordan asked.

“Because I love you,” his little sister said.

Everyone needs someone in their lives to love like that.

Be that kind of love today for someone else. I know I’m
trying to be.

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