Beauty Chooses Favor

“You cannot control the world outside, but you can choose what you will bring into yourself.  If you do not see anything of value in your life, begin by finding one thing of beauty every day until it becomes a habit.” -Unknown

My kids spent a couple days at my aunt and uncle’s farm.  It is a highlight of the summer to play outside, go fishing, swim in the mud hole, play with new baby kitties and a spunky puppy.  Not to mention the fascination of helping my uncle with chores, explore the tractor, ride on four-wheelers and build tree-forts.  Kids were meant to be outside.  Weren’t we all?  The fresh air, warm sunshine and vast fields to roam does wonders for a wintered-spirit.

On the way to the farm Maddi called out from the back seat, “BCF!”

I asked her what that meant.

Sweet and sure of herself she said, “Best Cousins Forever!”

She’s right.  BCF.  Beauty Chooses Favor.  When I choose to see the beauty, I in turn find kindness, support and appreciation.

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