“Mom, can daddy see us right now?” my daughter asked me with bright Christmas eyes.

“I believe he can,” I told her.

“He can,” she told me back. “He can…he’s peeking over a cloud.”

Life is filled with many doubts. Have one conversation with a child and you are immediately filled with belief. Some things one believes without question.

We went skiing as a family a couple of weeks ago and on the way home Maddi was explaining with exuberance how fun it is to jump with the skis. She instructed, “Mom, when you go over the little bumps…you just need to believe.”

“Believe in what, Madelynn?”

“You just need to believe! It’s not the going up part that is hard. It’s the coming down part that is hard. You have to believe when you are coming down that you are going to make it.”

I was enthralled by my little one’s faith-filled logic.

Her brother was listening in the back seat and said, “Well, Maddi, I think you also need some balance.”

“No, Jordan, you just need to believe!” said Madelynn.

“Madelynn, I think you need to believe and have some balance.”

“Okay,” Maddi conceded. “You can have a little balance but mostly you need to believe.”

What do you need to believe in this Christmas season? Kindness, forgiveness, second chances, new hope, a whole lot of love?

I believe Someone up above sees you and wants the best for you. Just believe. Maybe add a little balance. He’s peeking over a cloud.

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