“Children’s children are a crown to the ages, and parents are the pride of their children.” Proverbs 17:6

My devotion today read:

When you live your life with excellence, going the extra mile, nobody else may realize. It may seem as though you are not reaping any of the benefits, but know this: in the bloodline being burned in your DNA is that of fortitude, strength and excellent spirit. It will be passed down to future generations.

Have you ever thought that what you do today makes an impact on your child tomorrow? An intrinsic, ingrained, built-in influence on the traits that will serve and follow your children in life? I am talking about genetic material. Characteristics such as patience, resolve, or compassion that will be every bit a part of them as is the color of their eyes or the shape of their nose.

At night, I often pray over my kids–really more for myself than them. I pray that I will be enough. That I will be the mom they need. That they will be blessed by our relationship, not hindered. Because I know they experience first hand my mistakes, my blunders, my imperfections. This is when I must trust God most, to infuse their bloodlines with His grace. And mine too. Fill my nature with fortitude, strength and an excellent spirit so that I may pass it on.


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