Blue Sky Day

We play this game at nearly every bedtime ritual. Mommy says good night (after a very extensive routine of baths and teeth brushing and book reading) and somewhere between the word "good" and the word "night" her children begin to think of a plethera of very important questions that must be asked before they can even imagine going to sleep.

They ask things like, "Have you seen my baby blanket, my puppy, my puppy's baby blanket…I'm hungry." To which I reply, "We can find the blankets in the morning and you just ate a huge bowl of spaghetti." The ping-pong conversation volleys with Jordan certain that he needs a bowl of cereal to help him make it to morning.

Sometimes they want to debate, like the other night when Maddi claimed she didn't want to go to school because she couldn't find the right thing to wear. "Why do I even send you to school then?" I blurted. "Because it's a state law," she said. At least she will keep us all straight.

I usually run out of stamina around question #14 (they have me trained so well!) I say something like, "My lips are zipped shut. I can’t answer any more questions until the morning." Then I try to stay serious and use only miming gestures to get myself out of their room. Like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, I start conniving my steps for escape as if a bomb will go off in twenty seconds or less.

"Mom, this is my very tippy-top last words…" Jordan needed to explain his concern with the night light and how it was situated.

Like my mom has said for years, "There is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping child." They are both sleeping now and the night is indeed beautiful. How can it not be after a perfect bright blue October day?

It was picture day at school. Jordan told us at supper with spaghetti sauce dribbling down his chin, "I'm going to see myself in the week-book after all."

"Are you talking about the yearbook, honey?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah! The yearbook!" he repeated.

Whether we're talking about years, weeks, seasons, getting up in the morning or going to bed at night, we have a choice to make it a warm and uplifting day like a piece of summer in October.

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