Bridge Falls Down

My three year old son kissed me this morning as I left to work out at the gym.  Immediately following his gesture, he instructed me, "Keep my kiss with you."  "I will." I promised walking out the door, touched by his sentiments and the thought of him giving me something I could carry with me all day. 

For an hour on the treadmill I watched the devastating news of the highway 35W bridge that fell down during rush hour last night in Minneapolis.  My heart hurled to my feet when I first learned of the incident. Metaphorically I know what it is like to have a bridge fall down in one’s life.  I understand the definition of structurally deficient as for nearly two years I have lived without the foundation I once enjoyed.  Like driving over a bridge without thought, I comprehend the shocking horror when without warning life comes crashing down.  I believe it is normal to place ourselves into the situation at a point where we can reference.  My heart prays for all the new widows who never knew that title would be bestowed on them today. 

Then I think of Maddi blowing me a kiss goodbye this morning and Jordan telling me to catch it.  How does he know so much about sweet farewells?  And I think of all the last goodbyes of yesterday that people never knew were last goodbyes.  Upon learning of this unexplainable disaster, my mind searched all the last conversations I had had with my siblings – wanting to hold onto those last encounters until I knew they were safe. 

I think my son indeed knows more than me.  For the best thing he could give me today was the kiss he told me to keep.  I hope many others will kiss for keeps today.  It’s a lasting keepsake in an unsteady, unpredictable and at times unkind world. 

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