Broken Wrist

I don't remember much about this week since last Wednesday when little Miss Maddi broke her wrist. The days have been packed and I am just trying to keep up. Maddi was on the monkey bars at the park behind our house when she fell and caught herself with her left hand. Even though the cast is a nuisance to her, I'm impressed with how quickly she has adapted.

One thing I remember is that the day we got home from the doctor I let Maddi eat peanut butter out of the jar in an effort to cheer her. It must have worked because she told me with a glimmer, "I got the best-est mom!"

Today she told me it's "mamma day." I asked her to explain and she just grinned in pure Maddi fashion. I was okay with that–a day pronounced just for me by my daughter. It brings perspective to these busy, full, crazy days.

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