Interested Kids

I asked her if it's worth it and instantly our conversation began.

She's the owner of a garden-terraced coffee shop, Cafe Milagro, which translates to Miracle Coffee in English. A North American who came to Costa Rica 20 years ago for a four week trip in search of the best coffee, never returned home. She met a coffee farmer and partnered with him to package and brew his organically grown coffee beans. Pointing around the restaurant she said, "Then I got this animal." We talked about hard work and effort and doing something you love. She nodded and added, "And the animal is always hungry."

That's when I had to ask, "Is it worth it? Is it worth running and striving and feeding the hungry animal? Is it worth the sacrifice?"

"Yes", she said, without hesitation. "My quality of life is much different, there's more depth. In college I was very materialistic. I had one thing on my mind, I was going to be rich. Nothing else mattered. I even had my short, corporate haircut." Now she was laughing as she touched her long, curly walnut-brown hair, mimicking how it had once been styled. "That was a shallow way to live…I know I was made for more."

During the conversation our children leaned against the counter, their eyes consumed like little bodyguards on the homemade chocolate-chip cookies for sale in a big, glass jar. Cajsa asked how much the cookies cost in Spanish. Impressed, the owner congratulated Cajsa on both her language skills and authentic accent. This led to a longer discussion about school and how many people speak Spanish in Minnesota. After paying for the tempting cookies, the owner thanked Steven and I and said, "I also want to thank you for having such interested kids…kids who care. I rarely see that in other families on vacation."

That is what I want. Interested kids. Children who see a world beyond themselves. My greatest ambition in this life is to train up four little hearts that desire to serve and give generously. I want our kids to know that God has a purpose and mission for their lives. I want them to know that God has a plan that involves them. God will use them in a big way. He already is.


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