Car Ride Story

From the backseat of the truck today I heard Jordan say to his sister out of nowhere, “Madelynn, I miss my daddy.” (Let me back up.  Of course this sentiment really isn’t out of nowhere.  Missing who Shawn was in our lives is a daily thought.)

His little sister asked with her two year old inquisitiveness and a lift in her voice, “Why?”

Jordan’s reply was quick, “He died.”

As the driver, I was set apart from their conversation; still eavesdropping with complete intrigue. 

Madelynn responded with equal interest as if seeking explanation, “Why?”

The big newly turned four-year-old brother continued, “Should I tell you a story about him?”

In the rear view mirror I could see she smiled.

His story went like this, “Once upon a time there was my dad.  One day he was hunting.  He shot animals.  He shot a tiger and elephant.  Then he ran onto a lake and fell on the ice and was all gone. He died. And that is the end of my story.”

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