Maddi's new love–cartwheels. Outside, inside, down the aisles of the grocery store, in the living room, at the neighbor's house, at grandma's house, at church. She can be found numerous times a day flipped upside down, practicing her form.

Her brother tries to copy her without the same success. With shoulders slumped he says, "I can't do a cartwheel!"

"Jordan, you have to practice!" his sister instructs.

Jordan isn't too interested in taking his sister's advice and decides to play with his toy cars instead. 

Isn't it true that anything worth learning, anything worth cultivating, anything we want badly enough is worth the practice? In fact, our most valued talents own more meaning and merit when we have given our best work. 

Practice loving your family. Practice listening. Practice something outside your comfort zone. Practice something new. You have to practice.

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