Chicken Noodle Soup

Today Jordan and I were eating chicken noodle soup.  Actually, it was homemade frozen chicken noodle soup that Shawn had invented.  He was a great chef and loved to experiment with homemade concoctions.  His vegetable soup was a favorite request of mine as he would use every veggie he could find, in addition to a variety of spices, cream and thick egg noodles.  A comfort food indeed! 

In mid August, Shawn and I went to the Farmer’s Market in Minneapolis; our first visit to this particular market and we were in awe of how similar it felt to our shopping days in Honduras.  Shawn bought a variety of vegetables from a little old Asian woman.  Inquiring to what he was buying, she didn’t know the English words for all the items, yet he bought her produce anyway.  Later when I questioned what he was putting into the big pot of soup, he replied with a grin, “I am not sure, but it looks like good soup material.”  And he was correct.  We froze numerous bags of soup that day for future winter meals.

Jordan was excited to eat soup for lunch.  His pronunciation of the word is half the fun, “Soop, Mommy, S000oooop!”  I directed him to take a bite of chicken to which he responded, “Bawk, Bawk!”  I was amazed at his transference of ideas!  From the chickens we read about at story time to the soup we eat.  Clever.  He is my clever little boy.

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