Clear and Connected

"Butterfinger, Oh…how I missed you," my son said as he enjoyed this creamy candy after an egg hunt on Saturday. I think this is the first time my child has even tried a Butterfinger, but the pure joy of eating chocolate again put him in a dreamy state.

I love that Jordan gave up chocolate to help me with my lenten sacrifice and Maddi gave up peanut butter to give up something like her brother.

As I'm writing today, I'm having a chocolate flavored coffee that we bought on our Familymoon in Costa Rica. It is rich. Definitely a treat. Funny thing, though, after not drinking coffee for 40 days I don't crave it like I used to. It isn't a necessity like it once was.

It makes me think about all those little things in life we believe we must have. I need that pair of boots. I will just buy that book instead of going to the library. We really should have that new boat. I can't live without my coffee.

Isn't it true that when our wants and even some of our needs are taken away we are able to connect more clearly with life and with ourselves? What is something you would like to clean out of your life today? Maybe try it for 24 hours and see what happens. Experience life a little more clear and connected.

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