I had a parent-teacher conference last week for Jordan and his teacher told me about a recent picture he drew of a house with many black windows. One of the corner windows had a smiley face peering through it. She asked him what he was drawing.

“That’s my dad,” Jordan explained, “watching us and protecting us from all the bad guys.”

She told me that he talks about his dad a lot. And I told her that I wish he could just be a five year old with his busiest thought being about Legos.

On the drive home I considered all I had observed about my son, his learning and my own.

Isn’t all of growing, all of grieving, all of living a conference? A meeting with others. A sharing of ourselves. An ongoing discussion for discovery. A talk, a chat, an update, a breakthrough. A time to consult or ask for feedback or input or someone just to listen.

This is how I see our lives. Finding out where we came from, where we are going and ultimately who we are.

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