Crawl Space

Jordan and Maddi discovered the crawl space today.  They entered the deep closet under the stairs as if they had found secret treasure.  Madelynn’s eyes glistened and explored corner to corner all the while echoing, “Wow!  Wow!” 

As the big brother, Jordan was delighted with their discovery and confidently led Maddi into mischief, “Look over here, Maddi.  What’s this, Maddi?  What did we find, Maddi?”

In order to distract and redirect, I asked Jordan and Maddi to take each other’s hands and slowly walk out of the closet.  They entered together, I proposed they exit together.  Jordan obeyed and took his little sister’s hand and then sat down on an old black storage trunk.  “We’ll wait here, Mom.  We’re waiting for Daddy.  We’ll wait for daddy, Mom.” 

Never does the heart choose to forget what has been innately placed inside it.  This is where its deepest treasure resides.

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