Dr. Seuss

We have been reading Dr. Seuss books all week.  My kids seem to love them.  Jordan told me today that Daddy likes letters and we need to write a story for daddy.  I thought I would practice.  If Shawn could receive a note in heaven, I would share with him a glimpse of his children and I think he would laugh to see how preciously they fit into a nursery rhyme. 

Sneaky boy sits on a mat.  Now that boy sits on my hat.  Wait a minute.  Wait I say.  Now that boy is in the hay.  How can I bundle up his might?  A constant burst of love and fright.  His energy is always near.  For me to see and smell and hear.  Jordan boy.  I jump for joy.  You are better than a toy. 

Miss Maddi Lou.  Miss Maddi Sue.  Miss Maddi girl what will I do?  What will I ever do with you?  You are full of charm and wit.  You love to giggle, laugh and spit.  The day is long.  The day is short.  Jump on beds.  Build a fort.  With you around I know I see.  The best of love.  The best of me.

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