Correction does much, but encouragement does more.” –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Maddi loves to help with chores.  She is eager to learn and participate.  This morning she tried to start the dishwasher by herself.  Jordan came quickly near her side to coach.  “Ok, Maddi, put the soap in this part.” he directed.  “Now shut the flap, Mad-len” he continued.  “Great Job, Maddi!  What a great listener!” he cheered.  “Mom, let’s all clap for Maddi!”  Madelynn beamed at her brother’s encouragement. 

I was impressed with the interaction between my kids and the lesson of encouragement they were sharing.  We all have hopes, ideals and dreams.  These ideas and aspirations define our purpose and give meaning to our passion.  Encouragement cultivates the best inside of us.  It connects our head with our heart and challenges us to pursue life at a level committed beyond mere existence into a life that participates and in the end significantly matters.

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