Enjoy This Day

Enjoy this day I tell myself.  Breathe it in and try to remember it.  Even though I probably won’t and even though I think I will. 

All the troublesome parts to motherhood are swept away by one tiny gem of a moment when my child says something sweet, something unique, something kindly precious or delightfully unpredictable.

Today I reflected on this idea while I was folding clothes and came across a pair of Madelynn’s pajamas size two; realizing that they still fit her when most of her clothes are now a size three.  These are my favorite pajamas to put on her, pink fleece monkey print – cozy and snuggly.  Then I admit.  I don’t want her to grow out of these pajamas. 

Will it be tomorrow when I am folding a different pajama print and she is 16 and I will be lamenting about how I wish I had a toddler to kiss and hug?  Will I then reprimand myself for skipping through life because toddler-hood exhausts me?  Will my future memory only think back to my children’s adorable expressions, chubby cheeks and innocent eyes?  Will I forget about all the sibling rivalry, the tantrums, the barters and negotiations that are made between parent and child or vice versa to finally find some peace because in the long run we don’t remember these things as something that significantly matters?

I take out my laptop to write down these notes.  A perfect time to write when my kids are down for naps.  Just as I begin to put my thoughts into phrases, Jordan slips out of the bedroom before he has fallen asleep.  He is holding up three fingers to tell me, “Mom, I only need to take three naps.  One, two…three.”

I look at him as if he needs to explain.

“See, Mom,” he understands my cue, “Only three naps. I took all my naps for today!”

Catching on I comment, “You need to go lay back down.”

Puzzled he darts his clear blue eyes at me and questions, “Why, Mom?  Am I only done with two?”

In my mind, I think you haven’t even completed one nap yet, but instead agree, “Yes, you have one left.”

“Ok,” he bargains, “But, just one more.”

Anything to get out of naptime.  Back to writing.

We were reading Amelia Bedelia last night and on one of the pages about the lovable child book character maid she exclaims, “I hate naps!” Jordan piped in, “I hate naps just like Amelia Bedelia.”

Writing break.  Here he is again.  This time informing me that nap #3 has been accomplished.  He adds one of those precocious, sugary smiles with a soft little hug as if to say see, mom…I’m so sweet you can’t make me go back to bed.

“Jordan you are taking a nap today.” I remain firm.

Now he knows it is time to use three-year old wisdom on me, “There is no such thing as a deal.”

“What are you talking about?” I ask. His ploy to stall me is obviously working.

“It means never having naps.  I don’t like naps.” He decodes.

“Well, would it help if I lay down with you?” I offer, thinking that here is one area where we definitely differ …I love naps.

“Ok,” he concedes with now blue droopy eyes. “But, if I wake up first you can sleep and I will get up.” He feels the need to make this clear.

As my head hits the pillow, I have long forgotten about folding clothes.  I am back to where I began.  Enjoy this day I tell myself.  Breathe it in and try to remember it.  Even though I probably won’t and even though I think I will. 

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