First Loves

These are my monkeys. They love to play and swim and eat ice cream and bananas. I am in love with their eyes and how they see the world. I am in love with their minds and how they learn and soak up their surroundings in ways so different from me.

Like today when we were walking home from the swimming pool and Maddi said that it is a Tutti Frutti day (Tutti Fruitti is the Gelato shop conveniently located halfway between the pool and our apartment.) Her eyes sparkled when I told her we could stop. Jordan said we should always try something new. So he chose kiwi and she had strawberry. I love that they like to try new things.

Most of all I love their hearts. Children have a pure way of loving. Madelynn said she loves me, "one-hundred and sixty one Dalmatians tendy…twenty….one million zillion killion." I love that she loves me that much. I don't even know how big that number can possibly be. But, I know I love her that much times two!

Belize 010

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