First Week of School

Maddi is enamored with school. She explained recess to me as if the possibilities are endless, "We could do whatever what we want….jump rope, basketball, soccer and play and whatever!" She loves quiet time and coloring and shaking the maracas, which signals the class to be quiet.

Jordan's favorite thing all week is that on Friday he gets to have hot lunch. Oh, the perks!

I'm enjoying time to write and exercise and have have a handful of uninterrupted, consecutive hours to complete tasks. This is a huge treat for me. I learned this week through my counselor that I'm an accomplishment-driven person (I know! Some of your are saying big surprise in your head right now.) She pointed out that the way I renew my energy is by marking things off my to-do list. I relish in time alone versus time with people (don't get me wrong…I love people! I just don't like to be around them 100% of the time.) Anyway…this is my long way of saying, I love my quiet work time.

The other thing I love is observing my children and how daily they surprise me, delight me, challenge me and love me.

Last night Madelynn was drinking chocolate milk. Her brother was teasing, pretending to push her so that the milk would splash out of the cup.

Madelynn placed one hand on her hip, ready to lecture (I think this is one of the clouts Kindergarten gives a person). She told her brother, "How would you feel if you were a mom and I spilled chocolate milk on your carpet?"

Jordan had to think that one through.

"Hmmm….Jordan? How would you feel…sad?' she continued. "Would you feel sad?"

I did what I do best, point out the obvious, "Maddi, maybe it would help if you got off the carpet and brought the chocolate milk back in the kitchen where it belongs."

Jordan shouldn't tease. Maddi shouldn't be so bossy. The lessons never cease, proof of job security for me, I suppose. 

Still, no matter what mishaps we daily contend with, there is nothing sweeter than the smiles from those little ones who love us so naturally, so strongly and so unconditionally. Or the smiles that come from a little girl who brings her umbrella to school on a sunny day just in case it rains and wears glasses just in case they might make her smarter.


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