Fourth of July

We spent the holiday evening with close friends and their children.  During dinner one of the little girls asked Jordan, “Do you miss your Daddy?”  Jordan said, “Yeah,” followed by a definite exclamation, “Daddy up in Heaven.”  Our friends agreed, “We miss your Daddy, too.”

Jordan was mesmerized by the fireworks.  He loved the display and fanfare.  His favorite thing was how the fireworks went, “Ka-boom”.  And he couldn’t stop repeating the story of this fascinating sound, “Ka-boom!” Afterward he told me, “I need Daddy”.  My heart broke at his request.  “I need Daddy, too” I whispered.  With hands reaching up to walk back to the car, Jordan indicated, “I need to be held-ed.”  I remember thinking that is exactly how I feel, “I need to be ‘held-ed’, too.”

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