Genuine Jewel


I feel like I am writing so much about Jordan’s vocabulary explosion that I need to take time and tell you what you are doing.  You may not yet have the words to express yourself, but you have a heart that speaks volumes. 

You are growing beautifully.  Your smile never fades.  You started to crawl on the first of the year, up on all fours you beam with pride.  You like to stand up with the help of furniture to lean on.  You get so extremely excited by your new feat of standing, that you laugh and giggle until a bit of panic enters when you realize you are stuck upright not knowing how to get back down.  You are still breastfeeding and starting solids.  You love Cherrios and baby biscuits.  You sip water from a sippy-cup and smile from the pleasure of learning something new.  This is the same quality your father had.  He loved to learn.  You are clever and alert and aware.  You are loving and sweet and precious.  You are soft and gentle and smart.  You are a gem to me.  You look like your dad; Daddy’s little gem.  Daddy left me with my very own genuine jewel.


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