Get Big

My children have two middle names.  This is a custom we learned during our time stationed with the Peace Corps in Honduras. Shawn and I probably followed this foreign tradition to be unique in our own culture.

Jordan is named after both of his grandfathers’ middle names. Jordan Spencer Anthony. Madelynn is named after her great grandma and her mom using the middle names Marie and Grace (the meaning of the name Marie). Madelynn Marie Grace.

Last weekend we went camping with extended family.  On the way home Jordan asked me, “When do I get to be a daddy?”

“When you’re big you’ll be a wonderful daddy,” I told him.

“What will my name be? Jordan or Shawn?” he asked.

“Jordan.” I replied.

“Not Shawn?” he wanted to know.

“No. Just Jordan,” I said and then asked, “Do you like the name Jordan Shawn?”

“Yes!” my son replied. “Then I could be ‘Jordan Spencer Anthony Shawn!’ I like that name.”

“No, you just Jo-dan Spensa Antony” Maddi said as we stopped for gas and then added, “Mom, can we go to Old McDonald’s for lunch?”

I couldn’t keep from laughing as I hopped out of the truck to fill up our tank. Back in the car Jordan had another round of questions.

“Mom, when I’m big can I cook and get gas and drive and fix the front of the car—can I fix the hood?”

“Yes,” I assured.

So much riding on when we “get big”.  And I hoping to relish in all the times we share in the present—wishing my children would forever stay small.

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