Get on the Ship

Jordan is helping me write today.  As I work on some magazine article assignments, he is close by trying to sit on my lap, tug at my sweatshirt and push the keys on the keyboard.  I asked him what he would like to say and he contributed these thoughts to my work session:

"My favorite thing to do is playing with things and taking them apart because I can fix things. But, be careful with lamps, Mom!  The lightbulbs are hot!  Watch out, mom!  Under the computer…under your chair!  There is a big killer whale.  Get on the ship.  I will save you."

WIth my feet propped on my chair, still trying to type my journal entry for the day I think about my passion to be a good mom and my passion to write.  Fulltime mom.  Fulltime passions.  Somehow (barely) finding time for both.  Oops…gotta run and get on the ship! I’d hate to be eaten by killer whales.

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