God is Bigger

Jordan and Maddi are practicing typing their names on my laptop today when I hear Jordan say, “Maddi, remember God is bigger than anything—bigger than the Incredible Hulk, bigger than a giant…bigger than a spider!”

I wonder what kind of spider my son is imagining.

Maddi nods and keeps typing. Within moments she is telling her big brother, “I’m making a longer name than yours.”

Bothered, big brother replies, “Maddi, what name is that? Why does it have a six in it? Names don’t have numbers! Are you spelling your friend’s name? Is she six years old?”

Calm and straightforward, Maddi answers, “Yes.”

Jordan tries to sound out the name with some difficulty as he isn’t sure what to do with a number typed in the middle of a word. He starts to type his friend Kyle's name then gives Maddi another turn.

“See,” she tells him, “it’s a longer name and this friend is seven!”

In a huff, Jordan says, “Just remember God is bigger.”

With a smirk, I pick up my book and pretend to not be listening. Still Jordan’s instruction resonates on top of the words I’m trying to read. God is bigger.

God is bigger than our typing assignment. God is bigger than my worries and much bigger than any of my doubts. God is bigger than the laundry pile waiting for me to fold and bigger than my grocery list. God is bigger than my problems or what I call my problems. God is bigger than my headaches, heartaches, and hurt-aches.

God is bigger.

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