Happy as a Seagull

Traveling north to Canada we stopped at a little shop called, "Cost-a-latte" to get a cappuccino, that you may have guessed…cost a lot. The sign above the register read, "Today I will be as happy as a seagull with a french fry."

I told my kids that this should be our new family motto. I usually lecture them to have "happy hearts" but think I may opt for the "seagull with a french fry" example as a good visual aid.

Our trip was filled with funny family moments and kids quotes that would even make a seagull smile (but, hopefully not drop that french fry!) Here are a few:

A few miles into our trip Jordan asked, "How many minutes or hours until we reach our destination?" He then followed this comment with, "We shoulda got everything done by yesterday–then we'd be in Canada by now."

Pointing to a sign on the road Onie said to Jordan, "Look!" He replied, "What, Onie! Do you think I have eyes or something?" She was quick to inform him, "Jordan, you do have eyes!"

Steven told us a story in the car about a repair man. Someone asked how old the guy was and Steven said, "He's old…probably about 54." Onie chirped up, "Dad! That's not old! That's only ten years older than you!"

We spent our first night at a hotel and arrived quite late. I carried a half-asleep little Maddi inside and tucked her into a sleeping bag. No one was talking when she sat up and said, "Can we sleep right now and talk in the van tomorrow?"

In the morning Jordan said, "I had a hard night's day."

Sleeping on hard hotel beds, Cajsa said, "This bed's a rockin!"

At the border Jordan said, "They better not take any of us."

To all my happy readers: Here's wishing you a "seagull with a french fry" kinda day!





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