Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day!

I’m thankful for all of the great people in my life. My friend Andrea who always runs the Turkey Trot with me. My mom who helps me cook. My mother-in-law who took my kids for a Grandma day so I could write my thesis. My husband who helped me figure out how to sort my thesis into sections last night using both Roman numerals and Arabic numbers and making sure everything aligned precisely correct to the guidelines (this feat was nearly as difficult as writing the paper!) My thesis defense is scheduled for next week and I’m extremely thankful to be close to completion!

Most of my gratitude today is for my kids who keep life alive. Cajsa, Onie, Jordan and Maddi were in charge of Thanksgiving dessert. Grandma helped us bake my Aunt Jan’s best sugar cookie recipe from scratch, a long standing family tradition. The decorating was 100% the children’s artwork. One of my favorite additions to today ~ made with love.

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