Here We Come

Kindergarten…Here we come! Here we come!
Kindergarten…Here we come! Here we come!

Maddi has been singing this song over and over all week long. She's been learning it for her preschool program next week. Even though she has another year of preschool left, I think all of the kids are learning the song for those students who are "graduating". Maddi doesn't understand why she can't do a solo. At least at home she can and she sings the refrain with gusto.

I was on the phone with my bank yesterday and she was singing in the background.

The bank clerk laughed, "American Idol here we come!"

He added with a new burst of energy, "That's the cutest thing I've heard in a long time. After the day I've had, that totally makes my day."

Maddi kept singing, "Kindergarten here we come…here we come!"

I love how she announces herself to the world. No shame, no fear, no excuses, no apologies. Here I am. This is what I have to offer. Hope you like it. This is me!

It really is a great way to approach the day…hello world, here we come!

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