We went to Florida last week with my sister for a long weekend away in the sun.  Our first morning in the hotel, Jordan woke up asking, “Mom, who’s house are we in?”  His daily conversations continue about his dad as he informed me, “Daddy said we need to go to the big big pool!”  Maddi enjoyed playing with the hotel phone on the night-stand, well within her reach, picking it up and saying, “Da-da!” numerous times. 

The best thing about getting away is the concentrated time I had with my children.  Each day I learn in new ways the lesson of the moment and the extended value behind such lessons.

Flying home, Madelynn could not contain her excitement to be on an airplane.  For two and a half hours during our evening flight, I held her in hopes that she would sleep.  She was wired with a different ambition.  Moments before we landed I conceded to the idea that she may not fall asleep until we were in the car driving home, still bargaining with myself that even two minutes of stillness would be welcomed if she could settle herself enough to rest. 

Then upon landing it happened!  The eyelids started to droop in protest until they had no more energy to keep the glance-dance going.  She was sleeping.  Two whole minutes, or maybe even four, of complete quiet.  As I studied her delicate features in my arms I marveled at the gift of two minutes.  The preciousness of time wrapped up around a moment.  I sat drinking in the peace and pleasure of a simple eternity created in my mind for what would appear as only an instant in reality.  Yet, holding my baby girl, I relished in the treasure I had to witness a moment of peace after a long segment of restlessness; the value stored within a moment – while we are living and then long beyond. 

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