I Like to Fix Things

Last night I heard a clanking sound as some unknown object fell onto the counter top in the kitchen.  I sleepily drug myself out of bed and walked down the hall in the dark to find the culprit of the noise; praying it wasn’t something serious to be alarmed about.  Sitting next to the toaster, I noticed a round glass disc with a thin black cap belonging to an under-the-counter light that Shawn had installed when we first moved into our new home.  Ignoring the broken light, I went back to bed.

This morning I found Jordan on top of the counter fiddling with the light.  I wasn’t paying much attention as the boiling oatmeal on the stove-top was my focus.  Pouring the hot cereal into bowls, Jordan jumped down with pride and with a big smile announced, "Mom!  I fixed the light.  I like to fix things, Mom!"  I peeked under the cupboard and astonishingly noticed he had indeed put the parts back together.  As I smiled at him with appreciation he beamed, "Are you happy now, Mom?"  "Yes," I affirmed, "I am very happy.  You do a great job fixing things."

In my previous mind, only Shawn was skilled to fix things around our house.  That didn’t seem to be my talent.  I have had many helpful hands offer assistance since he died.  All to whom I am very thankful.  This morning, I must admit, was my sweetest help of all to see my inquisitive and observant three year old son do more than expected, without being asked to genuinely help our family.

Yes, I am very happy.

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