I So Excited

I so excited!

This is my daughter's favorite expression.  She says I so excited with enough exuberance that even someone who didn't speak the English language would be able to interpret what she meant.  Her nose wrinkles, her eyes squint and she uses a high-pitched shreek to convey her delight.  And by the time she is done telling me how excited she is about something, I have become excited, too.

Someone asked me the other day about being married to Shawn.  Maddi was sitting at the counter coloring.  Her ears perked up and she told me, "I will marry myself."

"Oh," I responded.  "Solo.  You can go solo if you want to, Maddi."

Her eyes grew round with eyebrows raised and a timid admittance she said, "I need a mom and a dad to stay with me.  I no can be alone."

"I'll stay with you," I told her.

"Don't leave me. Don't leave me. Stay with me." she said, playing along with our impromtu drama, "I don't want to get married, yet."

"That's okay," I assured, "You don't have to get married any time soon."

Back to her giddy self she scribbled a few strokes on her coloring sheet.  She sat studious, appearing intent on the art in front of her. 

Without looking up she added, "I'll get married in a little couple days.  Couple days, Mom.  In a little bit."

I grinned to myself thinking about how so excited she will be on that special day.  Someday I will tell her stories about the day I married her dad.  It was so exciting.

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