I Want My Daddy to be Real

I was reading a story to my kids tonight about a big brother and his little sister. On one of the pages the brother was looking out his bedroom window at the stars and moon. Pointing to the picture I asked my kids, “Is this where God is?”

Maddi’s eyes turned sullen and she looked down. Then with a strain in her voice she said, “I want my daddy…to be real.”

I felt completely empty with no way to fill the space of what she had just told me.

Jordan looked at his sister and said, “Maddi, our dad is real.”

She replied, “No, he’s not! He’s just pretend.”

Jordan said again, “Our dad is real…he’s just dead.”

Maddi looked at me and asked, “When will we be died?”

And Jordan answered for me, “When God tells us it’s time for us to die.”

Maddi looked back at the book and said, “I want daddy to be real.”

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