I Know We Can

I took my kids outside to enjoy the snow today.  Each time I asked Madelynn if it was time to come inside, she would gather up another mitten-full of flurry and adamantly reply, “No! Snow! Snow!” 

The afternoon prolonged itself with my little kids begging for more time to let their fingers frost and noses turn red.  I suggested a ride on Jordan’s new sled.  He decided to pull his little sister.  He was determined to pull her across the slight hill in the corner of our driveway, made by the snowplow cleaning the street.  With big, blue eyes, he looked up at me, while tugging hard and said, “I think I can!”  Just like the little train. 

I was immediately inspired by his gumption.  We can, Jordan.  We can.  We can live a good life again.  Even though I question this statement at least every other day, I will jump on board with you and believe we can do this.  We can live the life placed before us and we can live it well.  Let me be brave with you and Maddi.  Let me be bold.  Let me do more than think.  Let me say the truth.  I know we can.   

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