I’m Just a Little Girl

Maddi and I like to sing songs together at bedtime. I sing her one that my grandma taught me:

I'm just a little girlie, I'm only four years old.

My mommy never scolds me, I do as I am told.

I play all day with dollies, till supper time grows near.

Then quickly down the street I run, to meet my daddy dear.

There might be dads as nice as him but I don't think there are.

For I have hugged him lots of times when he gets home from work.

I often wonder if I should keep singing this song to her as it talks about a dad coming home and that is something that never occurs in our day to day living. But, I love the song and I have sung it to my kids since they were born. I love that my grandma used to sing it to me and I love that it is one of Madelynn's favorites.

Jordan created his own version–adapting they lyrics he sings, "I'm just a little boy, I'm only five years old…" In his rendition he plays all day with trucks and skateboards and hot-wheels (doesn't fit the song rhythmically all that well, but it works.)

Tonight Maddi asked me, "How old are you, Mom?"

"I'm thirty-six."

She giggled and sang, "I'm just a little girlie, I'm only thirty-six years old…"

Then she asked me to sing the whole song and I changed the words to fit. Instead of playing with dollies I wash dishes and write on my laptop. I replaced the word dad with husband.

"Who was your husband?" Maddi asked.

"Your dad." I told her.

"No, way!" She exclaimed.

"Yes, way." I said, her humor always engaging.

"So, when you were little grandma was your mommy and Shawn was your husband?" she replies, connecting the dots.

"Well, it was awhile ago," I said. "But, I wasn't too little." I wasn't sure quite how to explain.

"Shawn is daddy?" she asked.

"Yes," I said. "And he liked to sing just like you!"

"Sing the big girl song again," she told me. Her dimples exaggerated by the deep grin on her face.

We sang extra long tonight. I know the song may not fit perfectly, but I do know that's alright.

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