Inheriting a Smile

I wonder how one inherits a quality such as humor.  I looked at Jordan in the back seat of my car today and he was trying to make up jokes.  His goofiness made me laugh.  And his laugh was just like Shawn’s.  It was a delightful sound.  I noticed how the entire exchange made me smile; a true smile – one that wasn’t forced with elements of sadness accompanying it.

When we got home, Jordan jumped out of the car and went straight to Daddy’s tool box in the corner of the garage.

“Mom, I am getting one of my daddy’s tools.” He informed me.

“Okay.” I responded on auto-pilot, not really thinking about what he was doing.

A moment later he approached me in his most professional big-boy voice, “Lady, is there something you need fixed?

“Yes, sir,” I said, thinking how that was a loaded question.

“Okay” he told me with confidence. “I can fix everything.  Should I fix your bathroom or kitchen barstools?”

“Maybe both,” I played along.

Maddi followed her brother from spot to spot in the house eager to be a helper.

Jordan questioned her, “Are you a fixer girl, Madelynn?”

“No.” she shouted in a deep pretend voice, “I’m a guy!”

“Another fixer guy?” Jordan clarified.

With that Maddi started to giggle.

The entire exchange was the best part of my day.  What a blessing it is to inherit a smile. 

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