It’s All Just Enough

I had just finished cleaning the bathroom when Jordan took a cup of water and splashed the entire mirror.

I asked in a stern tone, “What are you doing?”

“I was just curious,” he told me.

Sometimes curiosity makes it difficult to find a healthy response.  I used an impromptu phrase, “I would love for this house to stay clean for an entire twenty-four hours. Make that twelve!  I would be happy with twelve hours in a clean house!”

“Sorry, Mom.”

“Jordan, I’m…I’m…I’m just….frustrated,” I said, biting my lower lip.

“But, frustrated isn’t the same as mad, right Mom?  You aren’t mad at me are you?”

“No, I’m not mad at you, Jordan…”

Interrupting he said, “Right, Mom. Frustrated means you are just a little bit angry.”

Taking a big breath I handed him a towel, “Okay, clean up the mess.”

“Great!  I love to clean, Mom.  Can I dump water on the kitchen floor and clean your kitchen!?”

A while back a friend told me her theory on life: It’s all just enough.  We have just enough pain, just enough work, just enough joy, just enough of what we need to keep going.

Isn’t that true?  We really do have enough in our life. Even when we are lacking, it can be enough to urge us to find more. Whether it’s enough energy to mop up a wet floor or teach a child to clean up a mess or give a hug or be a bit frustrated (which really means a little angry) or laugh a little, I think we have enough to fill our life today.

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