Just You and Me

I asked Jordan, “How did you get to be so smart.” 

He said, “I don’t know…my dad was smart. He gave me all his smartness.”

(My favorite quote from our trip)

I took Jordan to the “movie in the pool” night over the weekend. It was a special privilege. Actually it was the flip side of discipline for his younger sister who had chosen to hit him several times during the day. Not going to the movie was her consequence. Call it right time, right place—Jordan was more like a pawn used to carry out a lesson.

As we walked to the shuttle bus for a ride to the main swimming area, Jordan held my hand with a pleased smile.

“I’m so glad it’s just you and me,” he said.

“Why are you glad, Jordan?”

“Because I’m so excited to be alone with someone who loves me.”

My fondness for him could be seen all over my expression as I squeezed his hand and hugged him. I made a mental note that Maddi would need her special alone time too—that time to feel uniquely loved by someone who loves them both so much.

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