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Kids are amazing. They find value in the most simple things and explain life with more clarity than some of the greatest philosophers. Most of all they keep my days filled with unpredictable conversation and amusement.

Jordan is a stick collector. The corner of our garage is stacked with sticks of all shapes, sizes and purposes. We can't throw any away, because you never know when you need a good stick. I remember hiking during one of our travels when Jordan's walking stick fell into a little creek. Bummed out he told me, "Well, that's okay…there are more sticks in the rain forest."

How do kids have the knack to say things that make such simple sense?

Maybe kids see the world with kid-sense. And when things don't seem sensible they let you know. Like the other day when Jordan was explaining a long story from school and Maddi shook her head and told him, "This does not get sense." That was the same day it rained from breakfast time to bedtime and she called it a drippy-drop day. I know I will use that phrase again when things just aren't adding up.

My favorite conversation took place this weekend on a road trip to my grandma's house to celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary. We were having a better than drippy-drop-day, chattering in the car, listeng to music and eating beef jerky and cheese sticks. Suddenly Jordan asks,"How do a boyfriend and girlfriend meet?"

His three sisters chuckle and he continues, "Does a guy see a girl at a restaurant and think she's beautiful and a girl sees a guy and thinks he's handsome and then they marry?"

"Well…that's kinda how it goes," I say. "Except, they don't necessarily marry right away."

"No, I don't mean like the next day," he replys, "I mean a few weeks later."

Steven jumps in and comments, "Well, yeah, Jordan…that could happen. First they form a relationship and talk and get to know each other and then they marry later."

"Yeah, that's what I mean…" Jordan answers, "…like seventeen days later."

I just smile. Kids like things exact. Sometimes there are no other answers.

Pointing out the window at a small town park Jordan asks, "Could we stop there and see if we could find anything amazing?" Before I can say anything he adds, "Are there stolen carparts over there?"

The conversation always keeps me guessing. But, one thing is sure–each day is amazing.

Spring 2011 004


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