It has been my practice since childhood to "give up something" for lent. When my sisters and I were little we'd give up candy and collect it in decorated shoe boxes until Easter. On Easter morning Mom and Dad would let us eat anything we wanted. I remember sorting the candy from most favorite to least appealing days ahead of time. The giant Butterfinger candybar was number one with the little rolls of Smarties making the bottom of the list.

I didn't know my kids overheard that I was giving up chocolate this year until one day this week when Jordan told me, "Mom, I'm going to give up chocolate with you. But, Mom, I think there can only be 39 days in Lent because yesterday at Aunt Nicole's I forgot and drank some hot chocolate." I assured Jordan it would be okay. In fact, this entire conversation occurred a couple of days before lent so he was still "safe" to give up chocoloate for the full 40 days.

Maddi was listening intently while eating some peanut butter crackers. She held them up in dismay and said, "I can't eat these!" I asked why and she said, "Because I gave up peanut butter for lent!"

As far as I know her resolution was made on the spot. Still, the heart behind the sacrifices is charming to me. My kids are agreeing to test their will. They are eager to walk alongside their mommy so that I don't have to do this challenge all by myself.

Now all we need is a shoebox. I already know what lucious treat I will be anticipating for on Easter–Lake Champlain's All Natural 5 Star Chocolate Bar, the ultimate mix of chocolate and peanut butter heaven! Move over Easter Bunny, my kids and I are counting the days.

Waiting is a sacrifice that increases the treasure's value. What is something that would be worth it to you to wait for?

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