Listing the Joys of my Day

6:20 AM

I am awakened by my son, “Mom, should we wait until the sun comes up to say Good Morning?”  Without ability to respond I roll over and think “that would be a great idea.

8:45 AM

Catching my son on top of the refrigerator I question, “Jordan, what are you doing up there?”  Then comes the exasperated reply, “M-ahhhhhhhh-m, have some patience!”

12:00 NOON

Maddi sings her nursery tune without ceasing, “Old lady –wallowed a fly.  Don’t know why.  Wallowed a fly…”

4:00 PM

Maddi announces with exuberance that she went potty.  Jordan cheers, “Congratulations!”

5:30 PM

Jordan approaches me with a make-believe sword, “Mom, who do you want to be?” 

“Your mom?” I ask.

“No – you are Tinkerbell.  And I am Peter Pan.”
he decides.
“Well, it is nice of you to join us for dinner Peter.  Do you like Tacos?”

“Why, of course I do!  Thank you Tinkerbell for making a great dinner!”

7:00 PM

I bless my kids and tuck them in bed.  “May God Bless you and keep you.  Protect you and heal you.  I love you.  You are very special.”

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