Love Big

I have these two stunning little people that live with me. Woke up today to my four year old daughter emptying and loading the dishwasher. Jordan tried to help his sister but dropped a plastic bowl.

“You’re a disaster,” Maddi told him.

Shoulders slouched, Jordan asked, “Maddi, don’t you love me?”

“Yes, I love you,” she said, “But, you’re still a disaster.”

I sat amused, better than watching reality television—probably because its my reality.  I looked over at the counter to see a lunch packed for preschool, even though they only need snacks. Maddi’s smile was eager as she told me, “I made a peanut butter sandwich.” 

Maybe Jordan is more of an outside-chore type of kid. I was reminded of garbage day last week when I asked Jordan to put the trash receptacle at the end of the driveway and wonder how many five year olds are asked to do something like that. Do I ask them to be too big? 

Then I think they are able.  Let them be big because my kids are able.

They are able to learn. They are able to share. They are able to contribute. They are able to help. They are able to love. They are able to add such joy in the middle of such brokenness. They do not view our life as broken. They view our life to be exactly as it is.

It is my job to show them, lead them, teach them that in this lifetime we are able to tackle what is in front of us. We are able to embrace what surrounds us. We are able to appreciate what has been given to us. And we are able to love each other in a big way.

Jordan came home from his first day of Kindergarten and yelled, “Maddi, I’m ho-me!”

She ran to the steps and said, “I’m coming!”

“Did you miss me?” he asked. His sister nodded as Jordan engulfed her in a hug and told her, “I love you!”

These little people love in a big way. I want to love like that.

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